screen restoration boise idahoWe here at Picture Perfect Window Cleaning wash your screens with a brush using special formulated dawn dish soap or heavy duty degreaser depending on the severity of dirt on your screen. After a good scrubbing we rinse thoroughly your screens and wipe them clean. It is recommended that you get your screens washed at least once or twice a year.

Screen Protectant

This process can refurbish old worn out screens and help keep your new screens looking great for years to come. The chemical we use has special polymers and silicone molecules bond to the surface to shield against dirt, dust and static electricity, very similar to armor all for the inside of your car. This keeps your screens looking cleaner longer because the dust is not attracting to the screen due to static electricity.
This chemical also works on plastics, vinyl, leather, rubber, sealed wood, metals, stainless steel and brass. There is an extra cost in using this product just ask our technicians for prices when they arrive at your home.

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