How do we handle the bid process?

We can either set up an appointment to meet face to face or you don’t even need to be home when we bid your property. We’ll walk around your property and count the windows, screens, skylights and any other thing you would like cleaned. For our safety please let us know of any dogs in your yard if they are friendly or not.

What’s in your water?

We use Dawn Dish Soap. Occasionally we use ammonia for restaurants or houses with smokers to remove tar build up.

Do I need to take out my screens before you come to clean my windows?

Not usually. The exception is if yes, if you have the type of screens that only come out from the inside and you want only the outside windows washed and you will not be home when we arrive to clean your windows. We typically remove all your screens wash them and put them back.

Do I need to take down my drapes/blinds/decorations?

Usually not. If the window treatments are out of the way, don’t worry, we can work around them. Installation of some blinds doesn’t allow for screen removal, so sometimes blinds need to be removed. If you have decorations on your windows, please remove them before we arrive. This also goes for vases, pictures, etc. that you may have placed in your window sills, or on ledges in front of your windows. This is very much appreciated!

What about furniture? I’m a senior citizen and can’t move my couch (davenport for you older folks).

We usually can work around or move furniture if needed. If there’s just a couple of things to move there’s no charge. If you have something in front of most of your windows and we spend a reasonable amount of time moving your furniture around then you can expect a small additional moving fee added to your bill.

I just built my home – can you help?

Yes we can. This is probably the most important cleaning your house will ever receive. Many brand new windows get scratched by unknowledgeable house or window cleaners. Given most homes spend anywhere form $10,000-$50,000.00 on there brand new windows doesn’t it make sense to have your home cleaned by a professional who knows what they are doing?

How long does window cleaning take?

Most jobs take around 2-3 hours for the average size home. For the larger jobs may take up to 5-6 hours.

Do you have a rain guarantee?

Yes we do. We guarantee your clean windows for 5 days. If your windows get dirty after being cleaned we will clean up to two sides of your house for free. If your whole house needs a re wash the other two sides can be touched up for a small fee.

If it’s raining, can I reschedule?

Of course, we typically are scheduled a week in advance so it may take a week to get you back in the rotation.

Can you clean windows if it rains?

Yes. Most buildings offer enough protection of the glass to still allow window cleaning service in the rain. In Idaho, we rarely get all day rains; so many times we can start on the insides, and finish the outs when the rain stops. Rain itself usually doesn’t spot up glass. The dirt that rain drops dislodge on dirty windows is what causes spotting. So if your windows are clean, and it rains during or right after, they will still look good. If you’re not happy with the end result, we’ll come back with our 5 day rain guarantee and touch up any two side of your house for free.

My windows are always dirty. Can you help?

Just like changing your oil or mowing your lawn, your windows need regular maintenance. Your single largest investment is likely your home. Why not keep it looking the best it can? We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and bi-annual service plans. With regular maintenance, your windows can be kept in great shape all year long.

Every plan is different, so feel free to contact us for details. The more frequently you have your windows done the cheaper it is for you.

What about winter? Isn’t it too cold?

No, not at all, we clean windows year round. When the temperature gets below freezing we simple put windshield wiper fluid in our water when washing the outside windows. All employees have special gloves to protect their hands in very cold weather.

Should I tip my window cleaner?

Yes if you think they did an exceptional job. Everyone loves encouragement!